It seems long time since Christmas, but we had a wonderful Carol Service with a full Church, and excellent services on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Thanks to all who attended and enjoyed what we have to offer, including the gifts of some inspiring priests who take our services and some marvellous music, played by Jean and visiting organists.

Our first ever service to mark Plough Sunday on 8th January was a great success. The Wyatt family of Stowey House Farm provided us with a large modern tractor and plough, which Pete Harvey drove onto the green outside the church. Rev’d Trevor Stubbs lead an inspirational service, held partly inside the Church and partly outside. It was extraordinary that, for the 10 minutes we were outside, the heavy rain stopped! Trevor blessed the plough, the seeds which had been brought and the soil and gave thanks for all those involved in farming, those working in supermarkets and shops, those delivering food and all those involved in food production and provision. We sang some wonderful hymns, mostly with an agricultural theme, and the organ was played very well and enthusiastically by Tom Rogers, a local farmer. It was the first time Tom had played for a service in Stowey Church and we’re delighted he did so.
Many of the congregation were involved in agriculture in some way and we are very grateful to them and to those who contributed by reading the Bible passages and prayers. We know this traditional service with Mediaeval origins was much enjoyed and appreciated. We intend repeating it next January!

Finally, I must make special mention of Sandra Edgerton, who suggested this service to me; and so it’s thanks to her that we have initiated it. This is but one example of the cooperative working which is taking place between the churches in Stowey and Bishop Sutton, which is beneficial for all of us.

Jill Nicol, Churchwarden