Stowey Revived is the title for an ambitious project, currently in its initial stages, to plan and deliver the following improvements to the church:

1. Repointing and replacement of damaged stonework on the church tower.

2. Conservation and restoration of the early 20th century murals by Henry Strachey within the church and of the 17th Century Royal Arms over the church door.

3. The erection and fitting out of a small hospitality facility to be sited in the churchyard. This facility will include toilet and kitchen facilities.

As well as maintaining the fabric of the existing building, the project, through the delivery of the hospitality facility, will encourage the greater use of the church and churchyard for educational and social events. These events will be aimed at all ages and groups and will be centred around the restoration of the nationally important murals and royal arms, allowing the church to have a wider and more diversified use, alongside its core use as a centre of Christian worship.

The project is likely to cost in excess of £400,000. The church itself has some funds to go towards this cost, but it will also need to apply for grants from the National Lottery Heritage Fund as well as a whole list of other grant providers.

Even though the project is still in an introductory stage, the following stages have been delivered:

Approval from the Diocese for the tower repairs.

Estimates for those repairs.

A full and detailed assessment of the work required to conserve and restore the murals and royal arms.

A Faculty from the Diocese has been granted for the restoration of the murals and Arms.

Planning permission for the hospitality building has finally been obtained, with conditions, from the Local Authority. A Faculty from the Diocese has now been granted.

A preliminary application to the NHLF has been completed and work is continuing on the full application after approval of the first stage.

Other grant providers have been identified and some approached.

We are at an early stage but we will update this page as progress is made.