Reopening of church

We are delighted to advise that we shall be reopening the church for worship on Sunday, 26th July 2020 at 6.30pm. Please refer to our Covid page for all the details regarding procedures and social distancing etc.


We are truly delighted to report that we’ll be resuming services in the church from Sunday 26th July at 6.30pm, when Evensong will be our first service since the 2nd Sunday in March. We’ve done our Risk Assessment, following all relevant guidance and using the documentation prepared by the Church of England. From that, we’ve devised a Management Plan in relation to the holding of services and the cleaning regime.

Initially, we’ll just have 2 services a month, both Evensong, on the 1st and 4th Sundays of the month. So in August, services will take place on 2nd and 23rd August, both at 6.30pm. Inevitably, numbers are limited and, for the time being, anyone wishing to attend is asked to contact me by no later than the Friday before the service. My email address and phone number are on the contacts page. When I’ve been able to allocate your seat, you’ll receive confirmation of this and a Note of some points each of us will be asked to accept and apply, to ensure we’re all as safe as possible.

Whilst there won’t be any singing for now, Jean will be playing the organ. Our first service at the end of July will be taken by Rev’d Dr Victor Barley. That on 2nd August will be taken by Mrs Sandra Edgerton. We’re grateful to them both for their support.

Access to the Church won’t be available between services, except for access by the nominated person for cleaning, or in an emergency through me.

It’s all very strange….but let’s make a start and rejoice that we’re able to do so! The situation will change and we’re ready to change with it!

Jill Nicol, Churchwarden