Stewardship Campaign

The easing of lockdown brings opportunity and challenge. For those of us who have responsibility for Stowey Church, a listed building nearly 800 years old, the challenge of funding is immense, especially when no fund-raising is possible.

We’ve therefore initiated a Stewardship Campaign, meaning that everyone within the ecclesiastical parish of Stowey, as well as most of those further afield with strong links to the church, has received a letter and explanatory papers about the church’s financial situation and has been invited to help.

The Campaign has already resulted in many positive responses, ranging from one-off payments to regular monthly commitments. This has been heartening for those of us whose problem it is, month by month and year by year, to ensure our Church remains viable.

Each donor has received a personal response from Graham, but we thank them again now. And if anyone who hasn’t received a letter would like to do so, please let me know and I’ll ensure you get one.