A note from your Rector

Now that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have made decisions, concerning the way forward in responding to the challenges presented by COVID-19, I am able to write to you with a plan of action. The Archbishops have asked us to hold this coming Sunday (Mothering Sunday) as a day of prayer for our country and at 7pm to light a candle in a window of our home and to pray. This is to join with others in prayer throughout the land.

Church services have been suspended until further notice, which is an unprecedented decision but felt to be the right response to the threat posed by the virus. We have been asked by Bishops Peter and Ruth to do our best, where possible, to keep the church buildings open for private prayer. Currently, we are considering how practically to do this. St James Cameley is open during daylight hours. We are working out what the arrangements for Bishop Sutton will be. Stowey Church will not be open.

Support going forward

I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you are doing to support our communities; the many offers of help have been very heart warming. These are going to be difficult days and we want to do everything that we can to support each other.

If you are in need of help please be assured that although there are no church services until further notice, you are still in our thoughts and prayers. We are in the process of setting up support and practical help for anyone in need.

If you would like a phone call or practical help please don’t hesitate to call the Benefice office on 01761 451 315. The answerphone will be checked regularly remotely by volunteers as the office will be closed.

Please include your telephone number if you would like us to call you back.

You are in our prayers

As we are not able to meet together for public worship you could,  if you have access to the internet use the Church of England website  churchofengland.org and download the daily offices – Morning  and Evening Prayer.

God bless you,

Mark Cregan ( Rector of the benefice of Clutton with Cameley, Bishop Sutton and Stowey)